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Most of the time, it is framed as a preference by men who simply “prefer” Asian women over other women.Either way, I can’t take this phenomenon as some kind of compliment. When I first came across guys like this, it was my first year in college.I was IMing with a friend recently about a guy she has an unrequited crush on.

They actively seek out Asian women to satisfy their romantic and sexual desires.Weirdly enough, that kind of rejection isn’t that difficult for me to get over.If I know that someone is rejecting because of racist preferences, I can let that roll off my back easily because that person is just another racist that I don’t have to concern myself with.STEPHANIE: John was Scandinavian, muscular, attractive. And when she told him she had to go to the DMV, not only did he offer to come, he made a date out of it. SUZANNE: John was renovating his apartment so we went to CB2 and he was looking for the perfect couch and at one point we had to spoon on various couches to see if they were wide enough for us to spoon on hence they would be appropriate for his apartment.The salesgirl was kind of laughing at us and I was kind of thinking in my mind, does she hate us right now, but at the same time I was having so much fun I didn’t really care. One day, she and John are at the park, and he leaves to go climbing for a couple hours. STEPHANIE: Well, when I asked Phoebe that question, she said this thing that surprised me. PHOEBE: You should already know how to figure this out, pretty much. It’s sad to say that it takes a couple practices to do it. How do you approach dating now to prevent being, getting involved with a guy who preys on Asian women?

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