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So, you find that the two articles furthest from each other are List of asteroids/145701-145800, linked to by List of asteroids/145601-145700, linked to by List of asteroids/145501-145600, and so on for 70 links until you get back to some vageuly normal article. Even when I special-cased out that string of 70 boring articles, a new one appeared (I think it was linked pages about administrations of Myanmar or something).

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If you haven't, it works like this: Every actor gets a Kevin Bacon number.An anonymous reader notes that someone has applied the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon to the articles in Wikipedia.Instead of the relation being "in the same film," he used "is linked to by." From the blog post: "We'll call the 'Kevin Bacon number' from one article to another the 'distance' between them.I initally used the definition "years are boring, dates are boring, articles that start with "List of" and have more than 500 links are boring". There are other boring list-like articles, such as "Deaths in 2004". No-one would claim that two things happening in 352 BC doesn't constitute a real connection between those topics.There are other metrics, like requiring a certain minimum text-to-link ratio for the pages, but this eventually runs in to similar problems (no matter where the cut-off is, there are good articles that are ignored and boring articles that make the cut).

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