Sex dating in ruff washington timer not invalidating

I started liking it and he went further and started biting and spanking me while we had sex.

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Okay well heres a observation and a chance for Jimmy & his dick riders to chime in Since him being in Seattle he seems to do no charity work unless it benefits him he did a ride with me and yes that was for a cause.

Guess becoming a liberal and being the highlight of Seattle can an will change a man.

Now this video of her in a sexual manner with a dog surfaces , it kinda sends out huge red flags.

definitely not JG in the video because the passenger's arm is too small and wimpy looking..for her..may be smart as hell, but pretty dumb when it comes to dating if she is willing to stay with a man who won't even acknowledge their relationship in public...would think with all her brains, she would have the self confidence to tell JG to get lost or man up if he can't even say or show that they are a couple...almost feel sad for her and her desperation for a man Let this sink in.

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