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Well, why not see it how it’s meant to be seen - in the movie theater on the big screen with the big speakers!

Central Cinema is a great venue for Seattle's new couples to get to know each other. Central Cinema also offers regular quiz night events, perfect for when you're ready to introduce your new partner to friends!

Men and women alike can find the search difficult, especially when they have a demanding work schedule and a well established circle of friends - it's not so easy to meet new people!

And let’s be honest – hoping to meet someone great in a bar is not the most effective, efficient way to date...

The food has never been better, there have never been more breweries turning the country’s best hops and the traffic has never been worse; now is the time Seattle’s singles want to enjoy the city with someone really special.

Built with hectic schedules in mind, our handy app - available for i OS and Android - will make your life easier, and is a great way to find lasting love while you're on the go.Sign up now and start meeting great Seattle singles today!Seattle; a city that's actually not rainy, though there is water everywhere.Naturally lit with a cozy and inviting ambience, this café doesn’t serve just average coffee.Instead, picture a deconstructed latte in wine glasses.

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