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If you prefer a little bit of luxury then head to Gold Lounge at Reading Cinemas Belmont with comfy reclining chairs and a state of the art bar for you to enjoy.Whichever option suits you best, a movie date is a great way to break the ice and ensure you and your date have a lot to talk about. If you and your match have a mutual love for wine and vineyards you should take a short drive to Swan Valley.Movie date – If you and your match are both movie buffs then perhaps a cinema date is best for you.

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It is the type of date that will keep conversation bubbling and give you plenty of opportunity to really get to know each other.Active date – Are you and your match both very active people?If so, Swan River may be the perfect place for your first date!We took it straight to the people in our article Dating for men Vs Dating for Women.Perth, Australia is a beautiful city to fall in love in.

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