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Legitimate and legal exchanges are occurring, but the buyer or seller needs to be aware of the issues associated with it.

The mainstream availability of Internet purchases of toys, clothing, cars, food, etc. At the same time, an equal amount of goods and services which are in conflict with the laws or morals of some countries are surfacing (which might include activities such as illegal downloading, pornography, and gambling).

While schools have made great progress in the area of technology infusion, much remains to be done.

A renewed focus must be made on what technologies must be taught as well as how it should be used.

Helping to provide and expand access to technology should be goal of all digital citizens.

Users need to keep in mind that there are some that may have limited access, so other resources may need to be provided.

To become productive citizens, we need to be committed to make sure that no one is denied digital access. Digital Commerce: electronic buying and selling of goods.

Technology users need to understand that a large share of market economy is being done electronically.

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Business, military, and medicine are excellent examples of how technology is being used differently in the 21st century.

Cyberbullying is the use of digital-communication tools (such as the Internet and cell phones) to make another person feel angry, sad, or scared, usually again and again.

(Learn about the different roles kids play in a cyberbullying situation.) Examples of cyberbullying include sending hurtful texts or instant messages, posting embarrassing photos or video on social media, and spreading mean rumors online or with cell phones.

If you're trying to figure out whether your kid is being cyberbullied, think about whether the offender is being hurtful Cyber bullying and cyber safeness includes these 9 elements.

If cyber bullying is happening, then that means that these 9 elements are being broken.

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