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I also love the [Yayoi] Kusama nails -- anything that can translate graphically.

Tell us more about the nail artists that come through.

My goal was to take the nail art trend and elevate it without it being gimmicky. If you were going to do something off the beaten path it has to be executed in a certain way to get legs. The choices when it comes to naming something in the art world is always either your name or something with "project" and I didn't want it to be my name. 'Vanity Project' is a twist on the pun, and then also it being a nail salon.

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I also have a Japanese artist named Miku Tsutaya who specializes in super, super long Geisha-style nails. I also have my Artists-in-Residency program -- I Hana 4 coming from Tokyo on September 5th for three months.And then we were invited by organizations to participate in their programming -- we did NADA in Miami and it was there that I met Angela Goding from Mo Ma PS1, the director of development there.We were residents at Mo MA PS1 from January-March and it was hugely successful.Though the nail art trend has been going strong for a while now, in New York City, it's recently entered a fresh iteration, thanks to LES nail salon-cum-art gallery, Vanity Projects.Founded by NYC-based curator Rita de Alencar Pinto, Vanity Projects, pardon the pun, puts the "art" in nail art.

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