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Peter Anstey Peter Anstey is Professor of Early Modern Philosophy at the University of Otago.

He is currently editing (with Lawrence Principe) John Locke's writings on natural philosophy and medicine for the Clarendon edition of Locke's Works.

In 2000 he was awarded the Handel Prize of the City of Halle-an-der-Saale.

His books include the 'Master Musicians' biography of the composer, and most recently , the complete violin sonatas and the Suite for two harpsichords.

In recent years, she has published several articles, mostly focusing on the interaction between artists and poets who belonged to London's close-knit circle of intellectuals during the Second World War.

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Here, she catalogued Talbot’s notebooks as part of the project ‘Science and the Antique in the work of William Henry Fox Talbot’.

He has published many studies on Renaissance and Baroque music, composers, collectors and sources. Since then he has developed and refined such techniques for further research as at Cleaver Dr Laura Cleaver is the Ussher Lecturer in Medieval Art at Trinity College Dublin.

Also, he has edited the complete works of Giovanni Gabrieli, Alfonso Ferrabosco the Elder, Domenico Maria Ferrabosco and Giovanni Bassano, as well as music by Johann Christian Bach, John Coprario, Hans Leo Hassler, John Hingeston, Thomas Lupo and others. Ian Christie-Miller Ian Christie-Miller first used digital imaging techniques during his Ph. She is interested in a wide range works of art and architecture from the Middle Ages, but her research concentrates on relationships between art and education, and the illustration of works of history in the Anglo-Norman world in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The subject of her research is thought about lying and deception in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

Janet Ashton Janet Ashton is West European Languages team manager in Collection, Acquisition and Description, British Library, and has a research interest in Russia and Central Europe. She was formerly education officer in the Library Services Division, New South Wales Education Department, and more recently has taught at the Universities of Leipzig and Newcastle, New South Wales.

She is the author of a work of historical fiction called , and has written for several historical magazines. Amy Blakeway Amy Blakeway obtained her Ph D in 2009 from Cambridge University.

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