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Providers would be required to include specific language in their contracts related to the provider’s duties and limitations, as well as the customer’s rights.Additionally, providers would have to post required signage in English, as well as in any languages in which they provide or offer to provide services.

The City Council determined that protecting freelance workers against non-payment would have a positive effect on the local economy, the freelance industry, and the financial security of freelance workers’ families, and result in a more prosperous city.

This bill is part of a package of bills aimed at improving working conditions related to employee work schedules.

The bill also renumbers, without substantive change, provisions on shipboard gambling to make room for new provisions administered by the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Specifically: the right to written contract, the right to be paid timely and in full and the right to be free of retaliation.

The bill would create penalties for violations of these rights, including statutory damages, double damages, injunctive relief and attorney’s fees.

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