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Trudy reveals that they are the pupils who will be attending the middle school, and are the new Anubis residents, who got there a little earlier.They all go on the field trip (both the newbies and the seniors, much to the seniors' (especially Patricia's) dismay) to the museum.The two didn't directly interact much when Piper, Patricia's musically gifted twin sister, came to their boarding school. Patricia was annoyed and very jealous because Eddie was spending a lot of time with Mara.Eddie had believed Piper was Patricia, leading to a bit of trouble. Then Patricia sent Piper on a dinner with Eddie and his father, Mr. Eddie did this to get back at Patricia because she was angry with him, due to him not telling her that he had kissed Piper, mistaking her for Patricia because they were twins.It is passed around the students, until it gets to Alfie, who is caught with it.Eddie stands up for him saying that he found it in his bag, but didn't steal it, which was the truth.Victor confiscates the stone, and tells everybody - except Mr. He tells Eric that it is the Touchstone Of Ra, and it is his destiny.Victor takes the stone up to his office and puts it in his safe.

The reason for the break up is unknown but since Patricia spent the summer in America with Eddie, it probably didn't go well.The stone causes all the electricity to go out, so Victor and Mr. This allows the seniors to go and scavenge for food from the buffet, managing to convince the freshmen to do so also.They take the food down to the cellar, while Eddie tells Fabian that something is up with the stone, and they have to get to the bottom of it, meaning Sibuna needs to get back together.Peddie (P/atricia and Eddie) is the romantic pairing of Eddie Miller and Patricia Williamson. However, they eventually realized that they actually really liked each other and began dating.Patricia made her move after Eddie confessed his feelings and the pair shared a passionate kiss in House of Silence / House of Warnings.

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