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In case the person has serious health problems that makes his/her movement impossible or extremely difficult and can be proved with a doctor's certificate of public hospital, an employee of the service goes to the person interested and receives the supporting documents.

Greek civilians who permanently live abroad or they are there for certain reasons, can exceptionally submit the supporting documents to the passport offices of their contemporary place of living in Greece.

The Consulates abroad accept the supporting documents for the passport’s issue of the Greek citizens that live abroad permanently or temporarily because of work, studies, tourism or health problems.

The supporting documents are submitted by the people interested and, besides of exceptional cases, are the same as those submitted in the inner country.

These precious pieces of history have withstood the test of time and the destruction of wars.

With ceaseless splendors just waiting to be discovered, we curate the best for you.Le studio Choi-Photos est agréé aux lnouvelles normes d'identité ANTS (télé-service et pré-demande) pour la Photographie Professionnelle et à la norme ISO/IEC19794-05 ainsi que pour les normes des USA, indes, 5X5, Canada et pour le renouvellement des passeport étrangère à Marseille.Nous sommes le Voir le profil de Photographe Professionnel et Studio Photo à Marseille agréé ANTS sur le portail Overblog Téléphone 04 91 90 39 01 - Adresse à l'intérieur et au second étage Galeries Lafayette centre bourse - 28 rue Bir Hakeim - 13001 - Marseille - Ouvert Sans Interruption 10 h à 19 h - Jour de Fermeture Dimanche - Parking Couvert Centre Bourse - Métro Ligne 1 Station Vieux Port - Tramway Station Alcazar - Studio adapté pour les handicapés - Les rendez-vous sont conseillés en particulier pour les prises de vues d'identités pour les bébés et les nourrissons : Les photos d'identité biométriques exigent que le nouveau-né soit réveillé (les yeux ouverts, la tête droite, etc.).If it's a first issue, a renewal, a replacement or a loss – theft of a passport, the person interested is provided by the office with the appropriate application form.In particular, if the person is editing a passport for the first time by the Hellenic Police, according to the Law 3103/2003, he/she fills in the application with the code E1a, which has a colored green frame at its upper right part.

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