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Maziarz said the county’s revenue would go toward defraying jail costs.“That means that the same (prisoners) who are stopping up toilets and tearing things up will be helping to pay for repairs when they use the new system,” he said.

And if you cut down on movement of prisoners, you cut down on dangerous incidents.”Attorney Tom Gabel, with the federal public defender’s office, said video from home was a good option. Du Ewa Frazier is a local author, educator and award nominated poet.Sherry Mc Cullough, (left) of Belleville chats with her incarcerated son via a video monitor at the St. Photo by Christian Gooden, [email protected] Mc Cullough, (left) of Belleville chats with her incarcerated son via a video monitor at the St. The problem, Mc Cullough said, is that a video visitation system installed in December requires her to sit in one room as her son sits in a crowded jail pod in another section.“I hate not being able to see him face-to-face when I come to the jail,” Mc Cullough, 42, said Wednesday as she waited with her mother for her son’s image to appear on one of a dozen monitors in the visiting room.“I want to get a good look at him, to tell him to stand up and turn around so I can see that he’s getting enough to eat and that he hasn’t been hurt.“Instead, I have to see his cellmates marching around behind him in their underwear.”But Mc Cullough appreciated the new system in December when, for an introductory price, she could see and speak with him from the comfort of her home, over the Internet. Clair County Jail chat with inmates on Wednesday, Feb. The jail is one of the first to use Internet video links to let relatives and friends visit with inmates from home for a fee or at the jail for free. Clair County Jail to visit her son, she catches glimpses of his cellmates — sometimes more of the cellmates than she cares to see. Photo by Christian Gooden, [email protected] to the St. Photo by Christian Gooden, [email protected] • When Sherry Mc Cullough goes to the St.

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