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Your finances might have taken a hit, your “during the marriage friends” are divided and your looks and health may have declined while you were nestled in the security of a long-term relationship.

If you that’s you, then keep reading for my personal recommendations to support you with feeling empowered and getting back to dating after divorce.

Change your hair color, hire an image consultant or bring in a personal trainer.

All of these can do wonders to boost your self-confidence.

My best advice is to approach this new chapter in your life as an opportunity to celebrate YOU and the person you were before the divorce – combined with the wisdom you have accumulated through your life experience while you were married.

I bet if you take a peek underneath the pain, there’s a pretty amazing person just below the surface.

Enjoy the experience, and when a date doesn’t go quite as you had hoped, see the funny side!

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This is a new chapter in your life, so an opportunity to welcome in new people.

It must be able to carry you through the challenges occurring in your 50’s/60’s/70’s (illness, gravity, money etc..) Focus less on sexual attraction, and more on shared values and aspirations.

Working with a matchmaker at Vida will help you to assess what worked and didn’t work in your marriage, then come up with the ideal profile of your future partner. Let’s face it, being married for 10, 20 or 30 years means you’re most likely entering the dating scene after a long absence.

To accelerate the healing, I also recommend working with a professional life coach or therapist.

This is a BIG life change and even the most resilient amongst you would benefit from an expert by your side to accelerate the process.

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