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As the fifth French actress to play a Bond girl, she explains, ‘When I go to LA, people just think of me as a sexy French girl who drinks and smokes.Everywhere people like to typecast you as a femme fatale.’‘At the moment it’s quite dead,’ admits Eva, who had to overcome vertigo to film her flying scenes.At the time, I was truly horrified, so scandalized that I wanted to do something but my daughter said ‘Absolutely Not!

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One fashion editor nicknamed her Morticia Addams for arriving at a fashion event in ‘shockingly bad Givenchy’.‘Joy and I are very contrasting characters,’ says Eva.‘She never wanted to act, which was quite good because it would have been very competitive between us.The American, 57, has been enjoying a night out with former Bond girl Eva Green, 35, in London.Burton, who cast Eva in his 2012 film Dark Shadows, put his arm around her as they strolled through the streets of Fitzrovia after dining at a Japanese restaurant.

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