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By the time he was ten, he had made his film debut in the action drama, Extremely popular amongst tween viewers, the series was just what the actor had needed in order to propel himself into celebrity stardom.To this date, his role as Ned Bigby remains to be one of his best remembered portrayals on television.As Ned finishes #2 on his list, Doris Trembley & her gang drop a book on Ned's foot, spray him with lemon juice & Doris kisses Ned.

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Moze attempts to get Suzie to break up with Loomer by telling her he's weak & wimpy, but Loomer tries to repulse her by acting like his old bullying self.

The couple was romantically involved in a relationship while they were filming for Nickelodeon sitcom for a short span of time.

The couple finally broke up after a dating 9 years with not any revelations about the reason behind the split up.

At lunch, they find out the Lunch lady was going to teach cooking.

However, the class turns out to be a disaster when their food is burnt.

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