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Now, it looks like another 12 per cent of my hard-earned money will go to the sarkari (government) kitty,” she says unhappily.Cheaper options Many students are now opting for pocket-friendly restaurants. Something that I would spend on two visits, I am now spending on one single visit at cafes and fine dining restaurants. I prefer not going to those restaurants that were already expensive as it’s not something my pocket can afford.The shopkeeper gave separate bills for both items,” adds Awasthi.Health matters Manika Tomar, a first year masters student at Delhi School of Economics, who lives in a PG accommodation, says, “Hostel food doesn’t really meet all our expectations, so people tend to eat out.GST’s impact has been on my eating out and shopping,” says Priyanka Gupta, a young corporate from Gurgaon.Some users on Twitter and Facebook have also shared photos of food bills, showing the increase in the cost after the implementation of GST: After GST Celebrating Birthday is also becomes expensive.

“If you talk about Myntra, they add a separate tax on checkout, but Amazon doesn’t do that. I have stopped buying from Myntra because I don’t want to pay an extra tax plus delivery charges,” she adds. Then, there are also those who haven’t felt the brunt of GST, at all.

“The things I buy, are essentials, so there has been no difference in my shopping list.

An increase of a few rupees doesn’t pinch my pocket,” says Dheeraj Sharma (name changed), a student from Hans Raj College.

“Since I live with my parents, I haven’t felt the pinch as such.

Shopping is good, at least for the time being, as all the stores are offering huge discounts on their stocks,” says Vaishnavi Saxena, a student of Campus Law Centre.

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