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They're not necessarily lying, but according to a new study of user demographics, it appears a large chunk of them aren't being entirely forthright with their intentions.Research by Global Web Index found that 42 percent of people using Tinder are already in relationships—and many of them are men.It's going to lead to that, and if it's not, it's kind of just a waste of time."Hence the reason why both Veronica and Rebecca ultimately decided to break up with their respective apps: boredom.In addition to being creeped out by seeing her college friends on there, Veronica says, it just got old: "At a certain point, it just gets boring getting all of these matches and not being able to do anything with them." But being bored by viable options is a luxury actual single people don't really have.Being on social dating sites when you're in a relationship is like the best of both worlds: the exciting, butterfly feeling of being "liked" without having any real stake in it. "It's sort of like a While I was surprised to learn about my non-single friends' swiping habits, the trend doesn't come as a shock to the folks at Tinder.

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"I don't think there's anything wrong with harmless flirting. "At a certain point you can flirt, flirt, flirt, but you have to meet.You'll be surprised how many successful business ventures we've heard of from people who met on Tinder!" But for those of us using the app for good, old fashioned, new-age matchmaking, those pleasure-seeking non-committers who are in commitments are gumming up Tinder for the rest of us."I was on it for about two weeks, and then I got matched with a good buddy from college and I was like 'This isn't right.Ah, this is sketchy,' and I deleted it right away."But none of them are afraid of actually getting "caught," because, unlike Ellen's boyfriend, Rebecca, Veronica, and Ashley's significant others all knew their girlfriends were on Tinder.

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