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March 1986, Bhivapur Education Society, Boys School, Bhivapur, Nagpur, H. The current status of this information may be different.

Examples of recent work include - Time and Shape Correspondence (TSC) algorithm for multi-dimensional time series matching, Learning human action sequence style from video, and Optimized keyframe extraction for 3D character animations using locally linear embedding. Examples include - Reconstruction driven by Gestalt laws for aesthetic shape and stepwise tightening of a topological constraint. Examples include - Development of new multi-modal methods using interactive technologies to create such interactive spaces. Examples of work include distributed augmented reality for construction engineering tasks , interactive documentary creation, virtual walkthroughs and public stereoscopic displays.

“Time Series Matching for Biometric Visual Passwords” Poster accepted at SIGGRAPH 2017. Eid Maroun Accurate 3D Models from Sparse Point Clouds (Current): Depth data obtained from 3D scanners, or from vision techniques such as structure from motion, multi-view stereo, etc. Realistic Rendering, Global Illumination and Appearance Models (Current and Past): Realistic rendering requires accurate modelling of the transmission of light in the virtual environment along with correct modelling of the material (appearance) properties of the objects in the environment. Robust Geometric Computations on Curves and Surfaces (Past): Algorithms for processing curves and surface are essential in many graphics and CAD/CAM applications and they have to be both robust and efficient.

"Hands-on: Rapid Interactive Application Prototyping for Media Arts and Stage Production" Studio Workshop (hands-on course) accepted at SIGGRAPH 2017. Mendhurwar High-Fidelity 3D Landscapes from Geospatial Databases (Current): Uses multi-modal data available in Geospatial databases including remote sensed imagery. are voluminous, but usually noisy and non-uniform (sparse in some regions). Examples of my work in this area include - the significant contribution of formulating the Adjoint system of equations for modelling illumination, Monte-Carlo methods for realistic rendering and more recently appearance modelling of outdoor scenes in projection mapping applications. Poullis Cultural Heritage Documentation (Current and Past): High end interactive graphics/vision/immersive AR/VR techniques can be very effectively used to document cultural heritage. Examples of work in this area include the significant contribution of using interval methods and subdivision techniques, , an early contribution in non-photorealistic rendering, the brush-trajectory based figure specification, planar development of complex surfaces, geometry compression based on repeating featuresa Visualization Techniques (Past): Development of new tools and techniques for interactive visualization of datasets in different domains. Song 3D Interaction Techniques (Current and Past): Natural and intuitive interaction techniques are essential if augmented and virtual reality environments have to find widespread practical and economically beneficial use.

He was regarded as an icon of the Marathi film industry and Marathi Sugam Sangeet (light music) for five decades.

Apart from Marathi, Phadke sang and composed songs in several Hindi films as well. Sudhir Phadke was born in Kolhapur on 25 July 1919.

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