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Helping us out with their personal picks were historians J. He joined the Queen’s Own Rifles in 1861 and took command of one of three columns during the 1885 Northwest Rebellion. Mc NAUGHTON His best moments came during the First World War when he helped develop the Canadian Corps’ sophisticated and highly successful counter-battery operations.

The Canadians faced stiff fighting in places, and were also hampered by the broken roads, bridges and other infrastructure destroyed by the fleeing Germans, who blew up some of the dykes in the western Netherlands, flooding parts of the countryside.

The joyous "Canadian summer" that followed forged deep and long-lasting bonds of friendship between the two countries.

Every year since the war, the Netherlands has sent thousands of tulips to Ottawa, in appreciation for Canada's sacrifice and for providing safe harbour to the Dutch royal family, which lived in exile in Canada during the war.

“Influential”, “Best”, “Famous” and “Renowned” all have connotations that can or cannot be applied to everyone on the list because some were famous while others were less celebrated, but more influential.

We also need to point out that those considered for this list were either born in or resided in Canada before they made a name for themselves in the Canadian military. Halliday, Terry Copp and John Boileau—not to mention numerous books of reference. ARMY GENERAL WILLIAM OTTER Canada’s first real battlefield commander never wavered from the belief that training and discipline turned men into strong and efficient soldiers.

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