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I visited the Oregon Theatre for the first time last night. The staff do not seem to care as long as you feed the machines. I have received dozens of blow jobs but being married and very straight it took time to muster up the balls to get on my knees. Recently they upgraded their booths to a cool digital system with a gignormous number of categories and channels to choose from.

It was Monday so I didn't expect much to be going on. Customers are perhaps more mixed than most arcades in town and not as ...

Located near the overpass at Flavel Street / Mount Scott Blvd. I am guessing some quiet action could take place still, but I know they're being careful because of t...

There is a dirt trail on the east side of I-205, and trails going down to the river. No lights on the trails make it kind of creepy but I've scored many times there. This place is tiny, just four booths that see some action, and a half-dozen others that don't have gloryholes and never get used. A good place to get a drink and talk to guys but sexual activity seems to be at a standstill.

This gay bar is the West Coast's only totally nude male strip club. I was taking a piss in the toilet and left the door unlocked and my pants were to the ground baring my ass. I followed a guy in the toilet who 'accidentally' left the door open slightly.

Large, two-section bar with a non-dancing side and a patio area. This guy came in, locked the door, and without saying a word, ate my ass, fingered me, and t... I got fucked by a trucker in the john and then drove to the end of the parking lot at the turn around and swallowed another guy's big load.

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Was there last night and had two bodybuilders at once in the steamroom. The janitor literally stands there waiting for someone to exit a booth so he can clean it. When I came back there was a 40ish Middle Eastern guy fucking an older man in the small gay section on the side. There are gloryholes, a couples section, gay theatre ...There were three guys watching and when we finished I did two of... When I've been here, it seems to have one of the most diverse clienteles in the area, White, Black, Asian, Latino, young, old and very old. A woman writes for Willamette Week about the visit she and a presumably male friend made here. It's like the housekeepers in a hotel waiting for people to... UPDATE: I visited Peep Hole again yesterday and it seems to have improved somewhat. The staff aren't friendly (they don't respond when you say hello ... This place can be good, but the staff have gotten so aggressive that there's very little action.Sounds like they looked around but didn't stay long: [quote=Isabel Zacharias]The first thing you lear... This is a very cool old theater building with a friendly owner; he seems to be the only one who ever works there. No problem with people sharing a booth and you can have fun, but the clerks and cleaning crew just kept on coming in the back to destroy the mood of the customers. The arcade is small but most of the booths are designed to accommodate two people. I've had some very hot times here recently so I guess I've not been bothered by the aggressive clerks. They are constantly knocking on doors, patrolling the hall, and shouting, literally, at customers. I had the opportunity to suck and swallow my first load last weekend. The location looks to have potentional although there are parts that are very dark and I could see where someone might not be able to relax.... Fingered the hole and he takes his dick out and it's onl... Maybe a quick blowjob outside or in the bathroom but there aren't any places to get away with very much if you're l... I've been here several times but never ran into anyone. I went into a booth and a few seconds later he entered the adjacent booth. Definitely hit or miss, but when it hits, it's great. He went into one booth and I went into the one next to him. It's a good bar to meet hot men at, but rarely do I see any action here.

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