Coh opposing fronts validating media

U slucaju Coha skines sve patcheve za TOV i samo instaliras jedan po jedan, ukupno ih ima 4.Trebat ce ti i torrent klijent, posto se skidaju preko torrenta, ali idu stvarno brzo, mislim da relicov server seeda ili tako nesto ja sam nju sad ponovo instaliro,ali kad udjem u igricu vise ne bude crna kao prije nego mi dolaze oni publisheri pa onda dodje loading i ja pricekam a onda od mene trazi "Please insert your Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor disc", a onda ja pritisnem "Continue", pa mi onda pise "Could not verify media". Evo ako nekome treba CD Keyeva za COH-e: COH Tales of Valor CD Key:3333-4444-1111-2222-ce13, COH Opposing Fronts CD Key:cafe-babe-abad-babe-132c ili 29c5-eb96-5623-8565-28d0, Company of Heroes CD Key:3438-fdf3-fd15-7fa6-94b7.No files were found matching the criteria specified.We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available.Za 199Kn Cro Vortex nudi Company of Heroes Anthology.

Battle online with these two all-new armies and a total of four playable armies - allowing players to wage the ultimate war for Fortress Europe. it's almost Christmas time again and that means a new Christmas contest that I'm going to hold this year like I do every year since 2014 when the group was made.

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But don't lose hope I will think about something to keep it up. I will not think about giving out Steam-Keys, I do not trust those for this type of things. / or in short words, you can use this ticket to choose a game you want on steam if you win this ticket.

Now if you have any questions comment here or send me a "PM" and for you don't know about the K-J group, so can you join it here: K-J Game Competition everyone can join!

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