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Her personal spiritual life was characterized by an untiring, seemingly mystical search for union with divinity and all of creation. It is also the year of publication of her first book, .

Mistral's writings are highly emotional and impress the reader with an original style marked by her disdain for the aesthetically pleasing elements common among modernist writers, her immediate predecessors. Coincidentally, the same year, Universidad de Chile (The Chilean National University) granted Mistral the professional title of teacher of Spanish in recognition of her professional and literary contributions.

Despite its former derogatory connotations, ‘queer’ has since been reclaimed by many as a powerful lens through which to better depict…

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In her poems speak the abandoned woman and the jealous lover, the mother in a trance of joy and fear because of her delicate child, the teacher, the woman who tries to bring to others the comfort of compassion, the enthusiastic singer of hymns to America's natural richness, the storyteller, the mad poet possessed by the spirit of beauty and transcendence. In fulfilling her assigned task, Mistral came to know Mexico, its people, regions, customs, and culture in a profound and personal way.

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And this little place can be loved as perfection), Mistral writes in (Messages: Telling Chile, 1957). "La maestra era pura" (The teacher was pure), the first poem begins, and the second and third stanzas open with similar brief, direct statements: "La maestra era pobre" (The teacher was poor), "La maestra era alegre" (The teacher was cheerful). [Thus also in the painful sewer of Israel] She dressed in brown coarse garments, did not use a ring And her spirit was a magnificent jewel! "Dolor" (Pain) includes twenty-eight compositions of varied forms dealing with the painful experience of frustrated love.

Her complete works are still to be published in comprehensive and complete critical editions easily available to the public. Divided into broad thematic sections, the book includes almost eighty poems grouped under five headings that represent the basic preoccupations in Mistral's poetry.

Lucila Godoy Alcayaga was born on 7 April 1889 in the small town of Vicuña, in the Elqui Valley, a deeply cut, narrow farming land in the Chilean Andes Mountains, four hundred miles north of Santiago, the capital: "El Valle de Elqui: una tajeadura heroica en la masa montañosa, pero tan breve, que aquello no es sino un torrente con dos orillas verdes. Under the first section, "Vida" (Life), are grouped twenty-two compositions of varied subjects related to life's preoccupations, including death, religion, friendship, motherhood and sterility, poetic inspiration, and readings.

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You planted a may-tree, and said the whitethorn could not match the bloom in my cheeks.

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