Cheap dating california locations

Go on a guided tour and walk through the 17 historic art structures made of steel and mosaics. After you’ve gotten your dose of history and art, do yourself a favor and take your date to Watts Coffee House for soul-food brunch and get some of the best fried chicken wings and waffles in town.Whether you venture up to the Griffith Observatory on a hike or take the easy way by car, it’s always an excellent, starry-eyed date destination offering stunning views of the city.The Prohibition era may be long gone, but the idea of sneaking into a speakeasy never gets old.A few years back there were only a scant number of LA bars with secret entrances and special passwords (like “ET phone home”).Whether you consider yourself a Top Chef or a Boyardee Chef, your cooking game can always use some refining.

Don’t let the name of this place confuse you -- it’s not quite a museum like LACMA or MOCA -- but rather a bizarre experience exploring art, trinkets, and stuff that will have you giggling and muttering to your date, “What the hell?

Whether you swiped right and are trying to plan a brilliant first interaction or you’re trying to liven up the predictable routine with your special someone, great date ideas are hard to come by.

That’s why we’ve tracked down 25 date ideas in LA that are actually, y’know, fun.

There’s something for everyone here, from urban explorers and foodies to artsy types and history buffs -- and to top it off, we’ll even let you take all the credit.

hiking -- the hikes we're referring to (10 of which we detailed here) are instead easy-breezy short ones that'll get you to I-think-I-can-see-San-Diego-from-here heights.

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