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Wrightsville Beach Park is a city park that offers 13 acres of amenities.

The park provides tennis and basketball courts, football and soccer fields and sand volleyball courts.

We had a quick chat with the singer to find out what really happened with Belle Amie and why Karma has been a long time coming...

Tell us why you left Belle Amie and what happened when you left the group...

Making wine in the French tradition, La Belle Amie Vineyard is located in Little River, South Carolina.

The tasting room is open daily; tastings include five wines and are guided by expert staff. North Carolina's Wrightsville Beach is a perennially popular vacation destination.

Sometimes you just get caught up in the moment and while it lasted it was absolutely brilliant, but as time went on I realised that it wasn't what I wanted and I missed performing with a live band and songwriting.

Classes are featured for individuals who are interested in becoming Master Gardeners.

A Master Gardener Clinic is featured for diagnosing plant problems as well.

I think everything happens for a reason and we are all on to good things.

Hopefully, one day, it will be water under the bridge.

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