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But David Letterman faced his legal issue head-on and was able to keep his show for years!

Roberts and Strahan will be assigned responsibilities that play to their strengths.Beginning on Thursday, September 8 the hosts will move to the news set during the program’s last half-hour.The hosts will interact with an estimated 100 live audience members in a format that enables Lara Spencer, Michael Strahan and some of the other hosts to connect on a more personal level with the crowd." CLICK HERE to view "TV Shows Rocked By Real-Life Sex Scandals! On Tuesday, it was revealed that the late night host's mother, Dorothy Mengering, had passed away. Related: David Went Into A Depression After His Sextortion Scandal The news was confirmed by the comedian's publicist, Tom Keaney.It's certainly heartbreaking to hear about Mengering's passing as fans of Letterman's knew her well from her many appearances on the 70-year-old's shows, assistant Stephanie Birkitt led to CBS producer Robert Halderman blackmailing him for million.

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