American idol dating contestants

Though season 11 will be marked by Phillips' taking of America (long or short as it may last) and the discovery of a potential future superstar in the young, diva-voiced Jessica Sanchez, so far it has little else to say for itself.

Color me a cynic, but I didn't expect this from Phillip Phillips. Sure, he was a fan favorite throughout the season, and his coronation song, "Home," is probably the best an "Idol" winner's ever had as their take-a-bow tune.

Despite her beautiful voice, she seemed to be channeling Thia Megia with her lack of connection to the song or the audience.

The judges didn’t seem to mind; Steven called her a natural born woman and Randy said she did a good job.

will.and record producer Jimmy Iovine urged Paul to let loose with the song and get a little crazy. The best performance of the night and certainly of Paul’s journey.

Finally, after weeks of waiting for him to really unleash the strength of his voice, Paul peaked!

JLo loved the vulnerability and Steven added that it was a proud moment for James.

BScotty Mc Creery harnessed the King of Rock himself with “That’s Alright Mama,” by Elvis, and delivered his best performance to date.

While she tried to break out of her ballad bondage, aside from a leisurely stroll around the judges table, Pia stayed firmly rooted to one spot.

AAs the numbers dwindle, predictions become more difficult.

It's been seven months since "American Idol's" 2012 iteration ended, though we still feel its aftershock in everyday life, provided you own a TV or listen to the radio, therefore often hearing or seeing its most recent victor, Phillip Phillips, buoyed tremendously by hit single "Home."Beyond that? It was the last season for judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, whose tenure on the show was marked by little more than Tyler's odd quotations. Heejun Han stole everyone's hearts during the Hollywood rounds.

BJames Durbin decided that he needed to take a risk this week with the slower song, performing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” by George Harrison.

The beginning had pitch issues but James was clearly emotionally invested in the song, even wiping tears at the end.

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